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Shenzhen Tian Heng Container Service Co., Ltd.
 Since Y2005, we're "Used Containers Supplier since Y2005 in China",Currently our main service areas of providing Used Containers include: China main ports such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Lianyungang, Dalian etc, and some foreign ports already.We sincerely wish do win-win business and make good friendship with you & your good company, welcome you to contact us, thanks ! 
Scope of Services
Container Rent & Selling, Container Modification, New Container Customization
Used Container
Container House Manufacturer
New Container Customization
Used Container
From Y2005, our Container Rent & Sale mainly include:
(1) Dry Container: 20'GP,40'GP,40'HC,45'HC (2) Reefer Container: 20'Reefer,40'Reefer,45'&48'Reefer (3) Other Special Container: Open Top Container,Flat Rack Container,etc

Our Rent & Sale Used Containers are of good quality,no light leaking, no water leaking, and conform to international ISO standards and Cargo Worthy standards. They can be used for the loading and export of Shipper Owner Containers (SOC), widely used for the transportation of international freight (sea or rail transport), and also for the transportation of domestic goods, and they're also good choice of use for cargo storage or office !

Warmly welcome you contact us for win-win cooperation !

Container House Manufacturer
Our company's refitted and manufactured containers mainly include:
(1) Container Mobile Room, Container Hotel, etc.;
(2) Container Office;
(3) Others are refitted and manufactured according to customers' requirements.
Warmly welcome new and old customers to contact us !
New Container Customization
In order to further meet the needs of customers, our company provide customers with a new customized container service from year 2016.
You are welcome to contact and consult with us.
Product Advantage
Three great reasons to choose our products
Abundant Container Source,Quality Guarantee
Our company has established good cooperation relations with many famous shipping companies and container leasing companies    both at home and abroad, with abundant container sources and guaranteed quality. We can provide all kinds of qualified container products to our customers in major ports of China and Korea.
Since 2005, our company has been focusing on the three core businesses of "Used Container rental and sale, container mobile room manufacturing and new container customization". We have a professional team and rich experience, which can provide all kinds of high-quality container services for our customers.
15 Years Experience,
Professional Team
Favorable Price,
Win-Win Cooperation
"Win-win cooperation with customers" is one of the important principles of our company. Adhering to the concept of good faith management and making money together, we provide our customers with affordable container products, which are welcomed and loved by both old and new customers.
Major Clients
Over the years, we have cooperated with both old and new customers for win-win results !
mainly Shenzhen & Guangzhou,              covers major ports in China and Korea
Service Network
Shenzhen, China
Guangzhou, China
Shanghai, China
      Shenzhen Tian Heng Container Service Co., Ltd.(深圳市天恒集装箱服务有限公司)TH Container, our headquarters office is in Shenzhen China, and we have branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai etc, since Y2005, we focus on these three core business "Container Rent & Selling,Container Modification & New Container Customization", so far, we have established good cooperative and win-win relationships with many large and small customers at home and abroad. Currently our main service network include: Main ports in China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Lianyungang, Dalian etc, and some overseas ports in Korea etc.
In line with the principle of "customer first, win-win cooperation", our company continuously improve the service quality, grow together with the vast number of old and new customers, creates magnificently, we're a container service company worthy of your trust and cooperation !
Company official WeChat ID # : container2005

Company official QQ # : 2983397510

General Manager:  
Mr. Sam, +86-13430938253,

Sales Department:
Mr. John, +86-15521009328,
Ms. Kelly, +86-18665810651,
Mr. Jack, +86-13430955831,
Korea and other foreign offices:
Mr. Park,




冷藏集装箱(Reefer container)是指一种有良好隔热,且能维持一定低温要求,适用于各类易腐食品的运送、...


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Company official WeChat ID # : container2005    Company official QQ # : 2983397510
General ManagerMr. Sam, +86-13430938253,
Sales Department: Mr. John, +86-15521009328,                                Ms. Kelly, +86-18665810651,                                Mr. Jack, +86-13430955831,
Korean and other foreign officesMr. Park,

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